Permit Requirements

Each angler fishing the White Marlin Open is required to be registered with the National Saltwater Registry. For more information on how to obtain this registration, visit

Rule Updates

The tournament directors have implemented the following rules/rule clarifications for the 2014 White Marlin Open:
1) The use of Green Sticks is not permitted.
2) Line class shall be limited to the manufacturer’s stated rating of no greater than 130 lbs. The use of Tournament Grade Line is not required.
3) If line backing is used it can not be any greater than the manufacturer’s stated rating of 130 lbs. unless it is taped over so no backing is attached to the line that has the hook attached to it.

First White Marlin of the Season Caught!

Mate John Henry caught & released an approx. 100 lb White Marlin at 10:20 AM aboard the “No Worries”, 6/11/14 making it the FIRST WHITE MARLIN OF THE SEASON!

Click on the Videos Below to Relive all of the 2013 WMO Action!

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