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All money values are estimated. As fish come in, money will fluctuate. These estimates are for educational purposes only, and should not be considered official.

Date Boat Angler Weight Est. Prize Photos
White Marlin
Blue Marlin
* = Small Boat Calcutta ** = Daily Meat Fish Calcutta

Small Boat Leader Board

Date Boat Angler Weight Est. Prize Photos
White Marlin



It was predictable that Thursday would bring excitement to the Harbour Island scales. Long know as "moving day," because often in past tournaments, Thursdays have been notorious for leaderboard changes. There is a good reason for that. The boats must fish within 100 nautical miles of Ocean City, but that is a huge area. Boats will fish along the 80 mile edge of the Gulf Stream from the Wilmington Canyon to the Norfolk Canyon with Baltimore, Poor Man's and Washington Canyons in between. The gamefish move constantly in that vast area and it can take time for a boat to find concentrations of billfish. But when you have 288 boats roaming the canyons for higher concentrations of gamefish, after 3 days patterns emerge and captains have a better feel for where to fish by Thursday.

The "Gratitude" out of Virginia Beach, VA and the "Generation" from Cape May, NJ knew where to go this morning. Though they are not telling just where, they were within sight of each other as they both landed a big blue marlin. The "Gratitude" brought in a 738.5 blue followed by "Generation" with a 564.5 pound blue. Currently, the 738.5 pounder is worth $513,000 while the "Generation" is holding onto $103,000.

The "Dream Time" out of Manteo, NC also knew where they were headed this morning. They had released 4 white marlin on Tuesday, their first day of fishing, and laid-in yesterday. Today, they headed back to the area that they fished on Tuesday and released two more whites. But they also boated a white and by 6:30 PM that fish tipped the Harbour Island scales at 78 pounds, good for first place and $1,100,000 prize money if the fish holds.

The biggest worry for these three boats is that there is still one more day of fishing and 260 boats that are still eligible to fish on Friday. While Thursdays may be "moving day" Fridays can be called "heartbreak day" because bigger fish can, and often do arrive to shift big chunks of the $2,700,000 in prize money from one boat to another with a tip of the Harbour Island scale.

The final day of weigh-ins start Friday at 4:00 PM and run until 9:15. The 5 hours and 15 minutes can seem like an eternity for current winners. The weigh-ins at the 14th street marina are open to the public at no charge.

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