Road Harbour

The registration fees for this boat have been paid.

Added Entry Information

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Days Fished

Each boat is allowed to fish three days during the tournament.

You may declare laydays for the days you do not intend to fish. Laydays can be declared until 8:30 a.m. on the day in question. After your third fishing day, you do not need to declare any extra laydays.

08/03: Fishing Day
08/04: Fishing Day
08/05: Layday
08/06: Layday
08/07: Fishing Day

Catch Reports

The Business currently has 280.0 points and 280.0 release points.

Angler Day/Time Species Released? Late? Points
Scott Parker2 11:24AMWhite MarlinYesNo70.0
Richard Southwick3 09:54AMWhite MarlinYesNo70.0
Scott Parker3 10:23AMWhite MarlinYesNo70.0
Gary McCulla3 2:12PMWhite MarlinYesNo70.0

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